Welcome to the South Central Province of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
Kentucky | Northern Mississippi | Tennessee

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News From the South Central

province Appointments

My recent appointment to Province Polemarch during the 86th Grand Chapter Meeting in Tampa, FL, left a vacancy for the position of Senior Province Vice Polemarch in our Province. Yesterday evening, I met with the South Central Province Board of Directors and recommended Brother Terence Tunstall of Memphis (TN) Alumni Chapter to serve in that role on interim basis until elections can…

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Welcome Our 25th Province Polemarch!

Now is the time. To the 35th Grand Polemarch, Jimmy McMikle, thank you. I recognize that this appointment comes with great expectation and a gravitas of importance that can’t be matched. I want you to know that I am ready and up to the challenge. I will treat it like I treat everything in my…

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