Welcome Our 25th Province Polemarch!

Now is the time.

To the 35th Grand Polemarch, Jimmy McMikle, thank you. I recognize that this appointment comes with great expectation and a gravitas of importance that can’t be matched. I want you to know that I am ready and up to the challenge. I will treat it like I treat everything in my life – with aggressive pursuit of excellence.

To Dr. Leonard Clemons, thank you for including me on your journey. It has been a joy walking beside you and supporting you in good and bad times. I am proud of you and what you’ve accomplished thus far in your remarkable like. The best is yet to come for you. I stand always ready to support…

To Brother Jerry Siegel, Brother Willis is smiling in heaven. I know for a FACT he would’ve loved this moment because he told me so. Although he’s gone, he’s not very far away. His Kappa spirit resides in you and yours in me; it’s time. Let’s continue to make him proud.

To the MEN, the NUPES of the Mighty South Central Province South Central Province Nupes – thank you. They aren’t made anywhere like us. We are kut from the rock of TRUE MANLINESS. Your faith in me has led to this moment in time. I’m externally grateful.

To the Louisville Mafia; the Derby City Nupes, the MEN of the Mighty Louisville Alumni-Chapter Nupes of the most Noble Clan of Kappa Alpha Psi. Thank you. I have grown as a Nupe because of you. I think of those greats we have lost at this moment in time; my only sadness is they’re not physically here to see this.

Lastly, to my chapter, the Koldwater Swinging Bandits of Eta Beta (Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., The “Mighty” Eta Beta Chapter) – and specifically, my Dean, Byron Hueston, my ADP, Sammy Jones; my UG Chapter Polemarch, Willie Thomas and the “ARTIST” Ronald Blyden; may the ONE TRUE GOD, the Lord, Christ Jesus forever bless you in all you do. I wouldn’t even be a Nupe if you had voted “no” to my acceptance. My sands of the K.S. Rawdacious Eight in 1988 – there is no line like us. We are the standard bearers. We set the tone – we’re the alto and the bass. Top to bottom, first class. Say less…

And now, to the future – Nupes, we have work to do. We will not be associated with anything less than excellence as we embark upon our achievement mandate in whatever we decide to do!

The best is in front of us. FOREVER ACHIEVE is the motto of this administration. It is not an adroit, part time slogan. We will carry it into every battle. And when we conquer whatever foe lies in front of us, we will point to that banner and that motto as we stand over that dead carcass so that they’ll know and tell EVERYONE on the other side of this life this simple sentence – don’t mess with the Nupes.

In a few short days, communications will be sent, calls will be made and assignments given. There’s hard work to do and many loads to lift. But first, there must be someone to fill the open seat of Sr Province Vice Polemarch. I will in one days time, bring Terence Mareco Tunstall before the Province Board of Directors to be voted as the next Sr Province Vice Polemarch for the South Central Province. He is ready and he is worthy.

I pray you’re as excited at this time as I am. I look forward to seeing you all and working together for the Good of Kappa! My Brothers, may God bless you ALL, and may He forever bless, Kappa Alpha Psi!

I say yO 👌🏾

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